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Writer's Desk™ v. 6.03

help for writers writing
Manage your writings as projects.
Includes a database for People, Places, Events, Notes, and Citations.
Download a fully functional trialware (free to try) copy of Writer's Desk™, the writers' software for creative writing and multi-chapter projects, not corporate word processing.
Learn more about this writer's software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Try this writing environment for creative writers!

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Finders Keepers™ v. 4.10

search files fast
Find anything in any file.
Download a fully function trialware copy of Finders Keepers™, the text search software that gives you 4 ways to search and 6 ways to view your files.
Try 4 ways to search at high speed.

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Registered users:  for updating to v. 4.10, click here.
For archived support files, click here.
A utility to enable HTML help for Windows 95/95/ME/NT and a file to restore Replace in Finders Keepers are here.