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VERSION HISTORY — Writer's Desk™

6.00.1 1/30/2019

  1. NEW:  Open, edit, and save DOCX files in addition to RTF and TXT.
  2. NEW:  Projects can include editable support files (notes, research, etc. in RTF, DOCX, TXT formats).
  3. NEW:  Projects can include external files (PDF, XLS, etc.) to be opened with associated applications.
  4. NEW:  The new Spell Check has 25 available dictionaries and 2 thesauruses.
  5. NEW:  Create custom dictionaries for jargon, specialties, et cetera.
  6. NEW:  Auto Correction of misspelled words.
  7. NEW:  Auto Completion of acronyms, abbreviations, et cetera.
  8. NEW:  Choose application's colors from 21 skins (themes).
  9. NEW:  Track editing changes and show, hide, accept, or reject them.
  10. NEW:  Set hyperlinks to the Internet, files, email addresses, and bookmarks.
  11. NEW:  Use Data Quick Entry to add highlighted text to database records with 2 or 3 clicks.
  12. NEW:  The Program Manager has a Citations tab for recording references, bibliographic notes.
  13. NEW:  The Project Manager has a Data View tab to manage the database side-by-side with documents.
  14. NEW:  Create a Custom Font List consisting of only the fonts you use.
  15. NEW:  Add applications, web addresses, and files to Tools|My Tools.
  16. NEW:  Dock the Project Manager in its slide-out to manage a project side-by-side with documents.
  17. NEW:  File|Save As asks if the file in the project should be changed to the new name/location.
  18. NEW:  Choose paragraph bullet shapes from a drop-down list.
  19. NEW:  Multirow Notebook Tabs
  20. NEW:  Organize the project tree with the Arrange Items dialog.
  21. NEW:  Added a toolbar for Insert items.
  22. NEW:  Drag editor tabs into position with the mouse.
  23. NEW:  Double strike-through
  24. CHANGED:  Updated Open and Save dialogs.
  25. CHANGED:  The dialog for Embed Picture, Link Picture, and Background Picture shows the selected picture.
  26. CHANGED:  Enhanced the Printer Setup dialog.
  27. CHANGED:  Replaced Disk Data|Editor Move with Program Manager|Files.
  28. CHANGED:  Hide Citations and Data View as well as People, Places, Events, and Notes if the database is not used.
  29. CHANGED:  Buttons to open files can open all creative files, all support files, or all editable files.
  30. CHANGED:  Menu items Dock Project Manager, Undock Project Manager to position the slide-out.

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