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Book Writer™ Version Notes

Book Writer™ v. 5.5 was the last update.  The title has been discontinued.  It's successor is Writer's Desk v. 6.0.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.50
  • Changed: Selecting View | Fitted View and View | Print View sets the view mode for all editors, not just the current editor.
  • Changed: minor internal changes for Win 8.1 and upcoming v. 6. (Purchasers of v. 5.5 receive v. 6 at no additional charge.)
  • Changed: Licensing system for users with multiple computers.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.3x
  • Added: Option to set a default zoom percentage for editors.
  • Added: Option to start Open and Save As dialogs in last folders accessed.
  • Changed: Minor procedures in the install and uninstall operations.
  • Changed: Minor items for improved use in Windows 7.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.23
  • Fixed: licensing issue.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.22
  • Modifications to database checks for an unsaved record.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.21
  • Added: Option in Merge RTF Files to include all headers and footers.
  • Added: Warning if Merge... will omit unsaved modifications of open files.
  • Fixed: Editor focus for Commander | Words | Options | Skip Words.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.20
  • Added: Create a new project from files open in the editors.
  • Changed: Include font selection for Insert | Symbol/Character.
  • Changed: If Auto Spell Check is on, a right click on a misspelled word invokes dictionary choices without pressing Alt to close the pop-up menu.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.10
  • Added: Open an editor with a template file (New Editor + Template).
  • Added: Assign a template to projects individually (Set Project Template).
  • Added: Save stylesheets in an open editor to a file.
  • Added: Left-page and right-page alternating headers.
  • Added: Left-page and right-page alternating footers.
  • Changed: Resizing of pictures automatically retains aspect ratio.
  • Added: Choose color for text underlining.
  • Added: Page or section line numbering.
  • Changed: Made the Merge RTF Files dialog resizable for long file names.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.02
  • Fixed: Bug, introduced in 5.0, in the Project Commander option buttons on the Find and Outline tabs.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.00
  • Added:  Database records for each project.
  • Added:  Independent database records for writings not assigned to a project.
  • Added:  New tabs for project databases--People, Places, Events, Notes.
  • Added:  Database menu--manage project databases and independent databases.
  • Added:  Dialog--View/Search All Records--for alternative database management.
  • Added:  RTF editing for records.  Open/save to/from disk, or copy/paste to/from writings.
  • Added:  New item on editor's pop-up menu, "Add to Dictionary."
  • Added:  Option to automate indentation of new paragraphs.
  • Added:  Option to set default tab (indentation) length.
  • Added:  Additional error trapping for the Web Tools browser.
  • Added:  Restore last screen position of Web Tools.
  • Added:  Menu Item - Insert | Insert Symbol.
  • Added:  Additional link under Help--1000literaryagents.com.
  • Added:  Tip of the Day help.
  • Added:  Additional options to control database and notebook tabs.
  • Added:  Vertical ruler.
  • Added:  Support for import of Word 2007 RTF files.
  • Changed:  Help file.
  • Changed:  Added file-selection dialog to Project | Merge ... Files.
  • Changed:  Licensing system allows various unlocks.
  • Changed:  Detection of proper help file in Windows Vista.
  • Changed:  Project | Merge, ... | Copy, ... | Properties, etc., automatically skip project file names for which files on disk have not yet been created.
Previous version (4.5—4.6)
  • Added: Mouse wheel support for all mice.
  • Added: "Close Before", "Close After", "Close Other Tabs", "Properties", and "Word & Page Count" menu items on the editor's right-click popup menu.
  • Changed: "Project | Merge RTF Files into One" optionally inserts a page break before each appended file.
  • Added: Dock and Undock items to menu of Disk Data/Editor Move.
  • Added: Menu item -- Help | Make a Suggestion (Web).
  • Added: Default display "Headers/Footers" in Options | Editors.
  • Added: Default display "Page Border" in Options | Editors.
  • Added: Default paragraph "Double Space" in Options | Editors.
  • Added: Default page-layout margins in Options | Editors.
  • Added: "Edit | Remove Empty Lines"--remove empty lines between paragraphs.
  • Added: "Search | Go to Page Number"--jump to indicated page.
  • Added: "Project | Project Properties"--total of word counts, pages, etc., for all files in a project.
  • Fixed: Rarely, a newly opened RTF file would not show till a user action, e.g., scrolling, forced a repaint.
  • Fixed: Project | Disk Data/Editor Move did not open in the Project Commander on program start-up when it had been docked there.
  • Fixed: Project | Zip/Unzip Project Files caused a stream error in some operations.