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Help for Downloading, Installing, and Running


Help on Downloading

When you start a download, you will see a dialog such as the following.  Choose "Save this program to disk".

Next, you will see the familiar "Save As" dialog.  Here, you choose a folder in which to save the software that you are downloading.  Choose any folder you like.  But be sure to remember--or write down--the name of the file and the name of the folder.  In the example below, the file "fndkp100.exe" is being saved to a folder named "Receive".



Help on Installing

Use Windows Explorer to find the file in the folder you selected in the "Save As" step of downloading (see "Save As" illustration above).  Double-click on the file name--in the example below, it is "fndkp100.exe".  The file you downloaded, ending in EXE, is an installation setup file.  Double-clicking on it causes it to run.  Installation is automatic and easy--just follow the directions on screen.*

*Note:  No system files on your computer are changed or "updated" during installation; so, installing and uninstalling are free of risk.  An automated uninstall is provided.



Help on Running

After installing, click on "Start" on the Windows® taskbar:

Click on Programs.  Then look for the program's shortcuts, as seen in the following example, in which Finders Keepers is the installed program: