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help for writers on a computer

Writing on a computer has many advantages and two problems:  it can interfere with the creative mind; and information can be lost in the darkness of digital space.  Writer's Desk and Finders Keepers eliminate those problems.

Writer's Desk™ – Manage Your Writings as Projects

Authors, Teachers, Students

If you have chapters, papers, notes, research, or writing of any kind, use Writer's Desk™ to organize and edit your files.

Includes a database for People, Places, Events, Notes, and Citations.

help for writers writing
  • Combine related files you write into a project for easy management.
  • Projects can include support files, e.g., notes, research, references.
  • Load all project files into tabbed editors with a single click.
  • Move from file to file by clicking notebook tabs or a project's tree diagram.
  • Find or replace any word or phrase in all project files, opened or not.
  • Write chapters individually; then merge them into a single manuscript.
  • Copy or move all files in a project without using Windows File Explorer.
  • Zip all files in a project for backing up or emailing.
  • Think of the right word easily with Active Thesaurus™.
  • Eliminate needless business functions from your word editor.
  • Easily import Word® and WordPerfect® files.

Try this writing environment for creative writers!

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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Finders Keepers™ - Find Anything in Any File

Many Files to Search

If you have many files that you search for information, use Finders Keepers™ to find words or phrases fast.
search files fast
  • Find any word or phrase in any kind of file.
  • Find files even if the target word is misspelled.
  • 4 ways to search: plain text, sound-alike, approximate, regular expression
  • Save time with very fast searches--even through 1000's of files.
  • Save search terms and results for future reference.
  • Index text files for instant search results.
  • Replace words in text files with automatic back-up.
  • Open found files with a double click.

Try 4 ways to search at high speed.

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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10