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There are two main sections in Finders Keepers™--appropriately enough, Finders and Keepers--which appear as notebook pages in the Main Window.


In the Finders section, Finders Keepers™ helps you Find what you are looking for on disk. That would be a file or something in a file. The file is probably one you worked on or looked at before, but now you can not remember its name or location on disk. There are Four Ways to Find what you are looking for, a “target,” inside files on disk: Plain-text, Regular Expressions, Approximate, and Sound-alike. With three of these four ways, all but Plain-text, you can find your target even when you are not sure of the spelling. You can Replace found targets. But generally, you will find your targets in order to look at them. Finders Keepers™ provides six ways to open and look at files. See Results Local Menu or Perform Menu | Open from Results. See the Finders Overview.


In the Keepers section, Finders Keepers™ provides indexing, or indexed text retrieval, as yet another way to find what you are looking for, and optionally, to view it or launch the file containing it. Indexing enables very fast searching in a group of documents. Indexing is also useful for studying, reviewing, or checking documents. For example, if you have a court case with John Doe or you wrote a novel about John Doe, you may want to index all files where he might appear in order to see what you said about him—for consistency and the like. See the Keepers Overview.

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