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         Book Writer™ word processing for writersVersion 4

Book Writer™ v. 4 is a Windows© 95/98/NT/2K/XP/Vista writing environment designed for creative writers instead of computer departments and businesses.

word processor for writers
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Main window of Book Writer™

The Project Manager

Keep the creative side of your brain safe from the computer side

Organize the chapters or files of your writings into one or more visual projects to get your writings out of computer space and, as it were, into your hands in front of you.
Use titles in your project instead of system file names to identify the parts of your writings.
Open, copy, or move files by clicking on titles in a project's tree diagram.
Copy or move all files in a project by dragging and dropping just the project's name in its tree diagram.
Search all files in your project at once.
Find anything inside the files on your disks.
Find misspelled words, alternate spellings, and typo-ed words.
Replace names or words inside all files in a project, creating backups of the originals automatically.
Index every word in your project's files to see every place a name or word occurs.
Jump from file to file with a single click to see found or indexed words in various files.
Book Writer™ includes a spelling checker, dictionary, and thesaurus, all of which support both US and UK English.
Zip all files in your project automatically.
Open all files in your project with a single click.
Using the rich text format (files ending in ".rtf"), import or export files to any other word processor in Windows®.
Use Book Writer™ as a word editor without using its project management.  Click on just one button to turn off the Project Commander and use Book Writer™ as you would other editors (or word processors).
Many features and options!  Download a fully functional 30-day trial to see the complete Book Writer™.
System Requirements Easy, Safe Install

Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista

486- or Pentium-compatible computer


16 MB available disk space*

Mouse or alternative


*Plus space for files that you create.

Installs and uninstalls automatically.


Does NOT write over, replace, or "update" any system files.

Uninstall does not affect any system files.

Book Writer word processing for writers
Single-user License $67.00

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Book Writer™ is designed for creative writing and multi-chapter projects, not corporate word processing.  See for yourself how easy it is to start a writing project with Book Writer.



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