writers software to find words or files, replace text


, replace text It takes time to search files.  Your file search can go through scores or hundreds of files before you find what you want.  If you have to replace text, the file searches are ten times more trouble.  Quit your search headaches--let Finders KeepersTM  do the file search for you.  Finders KeepersTM can search any files, replace text, view or edit found files, and index entire hard drives to perform file searches by indexed text retrieval.  The file searches are done in the "Finders" section, the text retrieval in the "Keepers" section.


In the Finders section, Finders KeepersTM helps you find what you are looking for on disk.  That would be a file or something in a file.  The file is probably one you worked on or looked at before, but now you can not remember its name or location on disk.  You can  search your files 4 ways :  plain text,  regular expressions, approximate, and sound-alike.  With three of these four ways, all but plain-text, you can find your text even when you are not sure of the spelling.  You can replace found targets.  But generally, you will find your targets in order to look at them.  Finders KeepersTM provides 6 ways to view or edit files you find in searches.  Click on the image below to see the screen for file searches.

Click image to see Finders section


In the Keepers section, Finders KeepersTM provides indexing, or  index-based text retrieval , as yet another way to search through files, and view or launch the files you find.  Indexing enables very fast searching for a group of documents or entire hard drives.  Indexed searches take less than a second.  Indexing is also useful for studying, reviewing, or checking documents.  For example, if you have a court case with John Doe or you wrote a novel about John Doe, you may want to index all files where he might appear in order to see what you said about him--for consistency and the like.  Click on the image below to see the screen for indexed text retrieval.

Finders Keepers has indexed text retrieval
Click image to see Keepers section


Finders KeepersTM can search and replace text in files many times faster than you can by hand, and more than than, it can do it safely.  You can exclude any number of file extensions from search and replace operations, e.g., all files ending in ".sys" and ".exe".  The program keeps backups of all changed files.  If you have new users around, you can password-disable the replace functions.


Three of the four searches in Finders KeepersTM are "non-technical":  plain-text, sound-alike, and approximate.  In the first two of these, you don't have to set anything; in the approximate search, all you set is how many errors you want to allow in the spelling--usually 1 or 2.  A search for plain text will find just what you type in; but the sound-alike and approximate searches will find words or phrases that are close to what you type in.  Finders KeepersTM has many features to suit the advanced user, including regular expressions, scores of options, batch mode, built-in binary and text viewers, zip file searches, and indexed text retrieval.


Find anything inside the files on your computer.

Find names even if you don't know how to spell them.

Find misspelled words, alternate spellings, and typo-ed words.

Use simple searches or complex regular expressions (as with grep).

Search the files inside zip files.

Replace text, creating backups of changed files automatically.

View or edit found files any of six ways.

Copy, move, or delete found files.

Save your list of found text and files.

Change file dates, times, and attributes.

Index your writing projects or entire drives for instant text retrieval.


System Requirements Easy, Safe Install

Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP/Vista

Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP/Vista

486- or Pentium- compatible


3 MB available disk space*

Mouse or alternative

*Plus space for results or indexes you save.

Installs and uninstalls automatically.


Does NOT write over, replace, or "update" any system files.

Uninstall does not leave stray files on your disk.

Select files in Explorer, then drag and drop them into Finders Keepers"! in order to search them.


Right-click on selected files in Explorer and select "Find Words" on Explorer's local (pop-up) menu in order to search the files.

Let Finders Keepers do the search--you do the thinking.TM