Book Writer™ Version Notes

Version 5 of Book Writer™ is a major upgrade that adds easy-to-use databasing for information such as research, characters, ideas, and so on.
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Summary of additions and changes v. 5.50
  • Changed: Selecting View | Fitted View and View | Print View sets the view mode for all editors, not just the current editor.
  • Changed: minor internal changes for Win 8.1 and upcoming v. 6. (Purchasers of v. 5.5 receive v. 6 at no additional charge.)
  • Changed: Licensing system for users with multiple computers.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.3x
  • Added: Option to set a default zoom percentage for editors.
  • Added: Option to start Open and Save As dialogs in last folders accessed.
  • Changed: Minor procedures in the install and uninstall operations.
  • Changed: Minor items for improved use in Windows 7.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.23
  • Fixed: licensing issue.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.22
  • Modifications to database checks for an unsaved record.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.21
  • Added: Option in Merge RTF Files to include all headers and footers.
  • Added: Warning if Merge... will omit unsaved modifications of open files.
  • Fixed: Editor focus for Commander | Words | Options | Skip Words.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.20
  • Added: Create a new project from files open in the editors.
  • Changed: Include font selection for Insert | Symbol/Character.
  • Changed: If Auto Spell Check is on, a right click on a misspelled word invokes dictionary choices without pressing Alt to close the pop-up menu.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.10
  • Added: Open an editor with a template file (New Editor + Template).
  • Added: Assign a template to projects individually (Set Project Template).
  • Added: Save stylesheets in an open editor to a file.
  • Added: Left-page and right-page alternating headers.
  • Added: Left-page and right-page alternating footers.
  • Changed: Resizing of pictures automatically retains aspect ratio.
  • Added: Choose color for text underlining.
  • Added: Page or section line numbering.
  • Changed: Made the Merge RTF Files dialog resizable for long file names.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.02
  • Added: Help menu item: Tutorial Videos on Web.
  • Fixed: Bug, introduced in 5.0, in the Project Commander option buttons on the Find and Outline tabs.
Summary of additions and changes v. 5.00
  • Added:  Database records for each project.
  • Added:  Independent database records for writings not assigned to a project.
  • Added:  New tabs for project databases--People, Places, Events, Notes.
  • Added:  Database menu--manage project databases and independent databases.
  • Added:  Dialog--View/Search All Records--for alternative database management.
  • Added:  RTF editing for records.  Open/save to/from disk, or copy/paste to/from writings.
  • Added:  New item on editor's pop-up menu, "Add to Dictionary."
  • Added:  Option to automate indentation of new paragraphs.
  • Added:  Option to set default tab (indentation) length.
  • Added:  Additional error trapping for the Web Tools browser.
  • Added:  Restore last screen position of Web Tools.
  • Added:  Menu Item - Insert | Insert Symbol.
  • Added:  Additional link under
  • Added:  Tip of the Day help.
  • Added:  Additional options to control database and notebook tabs.
  • Added:  Vertical ruler.
  • Added:  Support for import of Word 2007 RTF files.
  • Changed:  Help file.
  • Changed:  Added file-selection dialog to Project | Merge ... Files.
  • Changed:  Licensing system allows various unlocks.
  • Changed:  Detection of proper help file in Windows Vista.
  • Changed:  Project | Merge, ... | Copy, ... | Properties, etc., automatically skip project file names for which files on disk have not yet been created.
Easily create, edit, and view your records for People, Places, Events, and Notes.  You can load text or RTF files from disk into your records.  Save records as disk files too!  Copy and paste records to or from the editors.
Use the tabs for People, Places, Events, and Notes; or hide them and use the View/Search dialog.  All tabs have RTF (Rich Text Format) edit boxes.
Dialog--View/Search All Records:  another way to manage all your records.
Project | Merge RTF Files into One:  Now you can select wihch files to merge.
Previous version (4.5—4.6)
  • Added: Mouse wheel support for all mice.
  • Added: "Close Before", "Close After", "Close Other Tabs", "Properties", and "Word & Page Count" menu items on the editor's right-click popup menu.
  • Changed: "Project | Merge RTF Files into One" optionally inserts a page break before each appended file.
  • Added: Dock and Undock items to menu of Disk Data/Editor Move.
  • Added: Menu item -- Help | Make a Suggestion (Web).
  • Added: Default display "Headers/Footers" in Options | Editors.
  • Added: Default display "Page Border" in Options | Editors.
  • Added: Default paragraph "Double Space" in Options | Editors.
  • Added: Default page-layout margins in Options | Editors.
  • Added: "Edit | Remove Empty Lines"--remove empty lines between paragraphs.
  • Added: "Search | Go to Page Number"--jump to indicated page.
  • Added: "Project | Project Properties"--total of word counts, pages, etc., for all files in a project.
  • Fixed: Rarely, a newly opened RTF file would not show till a user action, e.g., scrolling, forced a repaint.
  • Fixed: Project | Disk Data/Editor Move did not open in the Project Commander on program start-up when it had been docked there.
  • Fixed: Project | Zip/Unzip Project Files caused a stream error in some operations.
Get statistics for all your files in Project Properties.

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