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ALEX  This site provides nearly 2000 Electronic Texts for download.

Bartleby.com  Columbia University’s Bartleby Library provides online works in the public domain.

BiblioFind.com  Booksellers offer millions of rare and used books through Bibliofind, an Amazon site.

Classic Reader This site has full-length classic books, some poetry, Shakespearean works, and short stories.

Digital Library Index More than 10,000 books are provided for free reading online.

Bookfinder  This site lets you search several sources at once for rare, used, and out-of-print books.  The sources are Amazon, Powell's Books, BiblioCity, AntiqBook, Advanced Book Exchange, and Interloc.  The site also provides a mailing list for book buyers, sellers, and collectors.

Penn's Online Books  Here are 10,000 books in the public domain, provided by the University of Pennsylvania.

Project Gutenberg  On this site, you will find the downloadable, complete text of many well known works.

TomFolio.com  The site is a cooperative of international professional dealers in used, out-of-print, and rare books, periodicals, and ephemera.

WritersStore.com  This is a store that has books for all sorts of writers.


AbsoluteWrite.com  This site has features for book writers, playwrights, and poets, such as links and market information.

Author-Author  Here is a community for writers.

BookWire  Complete information on the book industry is here, including 1000's of links.

ForWriters.com  This provides general resources for writers, including links to agents, password-protected critiques of manuscripts, and forums.

WritersToolbox.com  At this site are resources for writers of prose, including screenwriters and technical writers.

WritersWorld  This site is a print-on-demand book publisher based in the United Kingdom, specializing in reprints.  It publishes in the US too.

WritingCorner.com  This site's features include a section for writers under eighteen.


CoffeeHouse4writers.com  This site has online workshops that may be audited without cost.

Freelance Proofreading and Editing Courses Here are low-cost courses for the U.K. and U.S..

NovelAdvice.com  Online classes are available, a bookstore too.

Suite101.com  Almost 1000 experts are here to help writers on any project, a few pages or book-length.

Writers On The Net  There are online classes here, taught by published writers, and personal tutoring is available too.


Content-Exchange.com  A writer interested in creating content can list his qualifications here or find job opportunities.

Freelancers.com  Freelancers can place their resumes and sample works here, then read the help-wanted section.

Editorial Solutions  Editors and writers may converge here for links to editorial jobs and pertinent information.

JournalismJobs.com  Here are newspaper jobs and some in other media.

Monique's NewsJobs.net  This site is for journalists who need a list of jobs.

MovieBytes.com  Screenwriters find industry news here.

RoseDog.com  This is a hub for writers, agents, and publishers, where they can search for each other.

Shaw Guides  On this site are writers' guidelines, which are searchable, market news, and other information for writers.

SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza  Science fiction and humor writers can find many links here.

Writers Place  This site has a large list of markets.


ArtsLynx  Here are links to organizations for writers.

Associated Writing Programs  This site lists writing programs at various colleges.

Children's Book Council  On this site are resources for those who write books for children.

HTML Writers Guild  This is a guild for webmasters and their issues, such as html code and web technology.

Writer's Guild of America  This is the guild that may have some members who think that excessive acronyms are an abomination of technology.


Biography.com  One who has a mind to talk about people can find 20,000 brief stories here.

Encyclopaedia Britannica  After more than 200 years on paper, the notable encylopedia is now online.

Encyclopedia.com  Here are 170,000 links in 14,000 articles from the 1994 Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.

Experts.com  Experts in diverse fields are available here.

E-Zine List  A web surfer's guide to periodic publications, at least 4,000 in number.

FedWorld Information Network  See what the federal government has to say about your topic.

InfoJump.com  This site centralizes over 5,000,000,000 writings from thousands of publications, providing links and visitors' reviews.

Library of Congress Here, writers may get some benefit from the world's largest library.

Old Farmer's Almanac  This is that almanac.

PubList.com  Here is a descriptive list of 150,000 publications.

News Directory  This site has over 16,000 links to newspaper and magazine content in English the world around.


Google  The biggest player in the search engine business.

About.com  This site provides individual communities for various subjects, including several for writers.

Mamma.com  Using this site, search the ten top search engines with one click.

Metacrawler.com  This site, too, searches the larger search engines.

Open Directory  This is a directory owned by AOL but compiled by volunteers who review sites before listing them.

Pilot-Search.com  This is a specialized search engine that provides over 11,000 links of interest to writers.

Yahoo  If you are on the Internet, you already know Yahoo.  Its directory lists sites reviewed by human editors, not search engine robots.


AcronymFinder.com  Here are more than 125,000 acronyms.  Please wear mind protection if you intend to stay long.

FlashBase.com  This site has templates for writers.

Grammar Slammer Online  Here is more grammar--or, to be precise, more of grammar.

OneLook.com  This one site looks at more than 500 dictionaries and may prevent premature presbyopia.

Slot.com  Copy editors find their kind of style on this site.


Writers Software - Find writing tools and resources for book writers, script writers, and others at WritersSoftware.com.

2HaveIt.com  This site provides shareware, freeware, and trialware searches for downloads that might help.

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